Next Shop Update 18th May 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEST) All prices listed are in AUD
Next Shop Update 18th May 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEST) All prices listed are in AUD
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The Complete Wildwood Collection Set
The Complete Wildwood Collection Set

The Complete Wildwood Collection Set

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The Complete Wildwood Collection Set consists of 20 half-pans of muted colours commonly seen in nature. This makes them perfect for plein air painting or nature illustrations. They are all single-pigment, artist-grade colours made from natural pigments. This rich earthy palette is presented in a lovely vintage cigar tin I found at a local market. This palette is definitely a one of a kind!

Here are the colours included:
- Lemon Ochre
- Orange Ochre
- Venetian Red
- Verona Green Earth
- Mayan Blue#1
- Burnt Umber
- Rouge Pozzuoli
- Vine Black
- Buff Titanium
- Violet Hematite
- Slate Grey
- Nicosia Green Earth
- Antica Green Earth
- French Turquoise
- Dragon's Blood
- Burnt Sienna
- Graphite
- Barite White
- Raw Umber
- Raw Sienna

This set also includes:

- A Vintage cigar tin*
- A hand-painted colour chart
- A strong magnet has been attached to each pan for your convenience

*As this is a vintage item, some scratches and small dents are expected and are part of its vintage character!

These artist-grade paints are all hand-mulled in tiny batches by me in Melbourne, Australia. I sourced and tested pigments from both local and international suppliers to create this collection. I made my own binder which includes natural ingredients such as gum, honey and a little bit of natural preservative. Each pigment has its own recipe as they react very differently when mixed. I have spent hours and made countless batches of test paint to get a good balance of pigment to binder. Unlike many commercial watercolours, no fillers are used in the process, only binder and pigment. In some colours, up to 70% pigment was used. All pans are hand-poured and dried gradually in three layers to ensure they are fully filled. It takes at least two weeks to complete each pan depending on the weather and the pigment.

Please note, even though I try my best to make each pan perfect, they won't be. Some cracking or tackiness might appear on some colours due to the climate or the pigment. Cracking in the pan or a sticky surface will not affect the use or the ability of the paint to re-wet.

While all colours in this collection are made from non-toxic ingredients, they are not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of small children.

Most of the pigments I used have an 'excellent' lightfastness rating, except for the Mayan Blue and French Turquoise which have a 'very good' lightfastness rating. The colour index is indicated on the packaging for your information.

Thank you for visiting my shop!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

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