Next Shop Update 23rd Nov 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEDT) All prices listed are in AUD
Next Shop Update 23rd Nov 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEDT) All prices listed are in AUD
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Our Colours

Our artist-grade watercolours are hand-mulled in small batches in Melbourne, Australia. We source and test pigments from both local and international suppliers to create our collections. We make our own binder which includes natural ingredients such as gum, honey and a little bit of natural preservative.

Each pigment has its own recipe as they react very differently when mixed. We have spent hours making countless batches of test paints to get the optimum balance of pigment to binder. Unlike most commercial watercolours, no fillers are used in the process, only binder and pigment. In some colours, up to 60% pigment is used! All pans are hand poured and dried gradually in three layers to ensure they are fully filled. It takes at least three weeks from start to finish to complete each pan, depending on the weather conditions and the individual pigment recipe. 

Please note, even though we try our best to make each pan perfect, they won't be! Some cracking or tackiness might appear on some colours due to the climate or the pigment. Cracking in the pan or a slightly tacky surface will not affect the use or the ability of the paint to re-wet.

Our current collections

Wildwood Collection

A collection of mainly natural mineral colours, available in dot cards and palettes in half-pans.

Secret Garden Collection

A collection of Mayan and synthetic colours, available in dot card and palettes in half-pans. 

Geology Collection

A collection of rare premium mineral pigments, available in seashells and palettes in half-pans

Limited Edition

We curate special limited collections of colours from time to time when we acquire a hard to find pigment or for a collaboration. These colours are not in our permanent collection and could be a one-off offer. They are usually available in palettes of either seashells or half-pans. 

Single half-pans or full-pans

As we can only produce limited amounts of colours each month, we mostly offer our colours in palettes to help us with our workload. However, we offer half-pans of our colours on occasion when we release a new colour or by special request. We are planning to offer more single half-pans and full-pans in the coming year.