Next Shop Update 23rd Nov 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEDT) All prices listed are in AUD
Next Shop Update 23rd Nov 2019, 11am Melbourne Time (AEDT) All prices listed are in AUD
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Hello, my name is Connie. I am a paint maker from Melbourne, Australia.

I fell in love with the history of colours when I saw the magnificent Renaissance paintings by master painters such as Da Vinci, Vermeer and Van Eyck on a trip to the US two years ago. I started making my own paint due to my frustration with the lack of hand-crafted artisanal paint available in Australia. As I acquired more pigments, I became inspired by other paint makers from the US. Then, the idea of sharing my paint with other local artists emerged, so I started Peppercon!

I was originally trained as a Ceramicist and have always enjoyed working with raw materials and exploring traditional methods and process in creating my own work. Working with pigments and creating colours has allowed me to continue my exploration into the 'material world'.

I have researched and tested lots of different pigments from Australia and overseas to make my colours. Each pigment has its own recipe. I use all natural ingredients including gum arabic, organic honey and a tiny bit of natural preservative to make my binder. I mull each colour by hand in tiny batches. No fillers are used in the process. I try to pack as much pigment as possible into each of my colours, some of them contain more then 60% pigment! I have made countless test batches to refine each colour and I strive to deliver the finest quality hand-made water colours. I hope you will enjoy painting with them as much as I do.